Here we live and now 2014


13-22 November 2014

photo: Robert Benschop

" As if you weren't... "


Choreography: Rutkay Özpinar

Dance: Marin Ino, Rutkay Özpinar


Production by Korzo& Nederlands Dans Theater


Two souls meet, the one naïve and peaceful, the other narcissistic. Their bond becomes stronger the more they see each other and the naïve soul falls in love with the narcissist. All is well for a while, until the first obstacles appear. The distance between the two gradually increases. The naïve soul is deeply in love and cannot understand this distance, while it leaves the narcissist unmoved. The naïve soul tries to turn around the negative energy between them until he comes to a discovery: the narcissist who he is in love with, is his own personality. How could he be so blind? The soul can find no stability because he consists of two strong character traits. It must be resolved, but a narcissist can destroy a naïve soul. Will it be the naïve or the narcissist that finds the stability of the soul?

photo: Robert Benschop

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